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Peter Marx

"I am a legal advisor to companies that provide information or services over the Web. They come to me because they need a contract to establish a relationship with a partner, licensor/licensee, distributor or customer. They look to me for insight, speed and economy in getting a deal done because I've worked on hundreds of online services deals for companies such as newspapers, software services and database suppliers."

Peter Marx has been involved with digital media and the Internet for more than 20 years as an attorney, strategic alliance and business deal advisor, corporate venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He advises companies on contracts related to the Web, online information services and digital media, particularly deals strategy, negotiating & structuring contracts and managing contractual relationships.

He has been General Counsel of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), partner at Goulston & Storrs and staff attorney in the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance. His book series, Contracts in the Information Industry, was published by the Software & Information Industry Association. He has written dozens of articles on strategic issues related to digital media and online information services, including the seminal article Information Law - The Hazards of Managing a 21st Century Information Business with a 19th Century Legal System.

For 17 years he has produced and hosted Business Insight, an award-winning public access TV show, that has been broadcast in major markets including Boston, New York and Washington, DC. and is now on the Web.   Click here to view a list of Business Insight topics and guests.

He holds BA, MBA and JD degrees from Cornell University.