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This company no longer wishes to use the domain www.insightmedia.com. To purchase, e-mail pmarx@legalinsight.com.



TrueView Web Videos

We help colleges and graduate schools recruit the best and brightest young people and raise development funds with unscripted interview based videos that provide an authentic view of the school and what makes it unique. We create a full range of new media including:

  • videos
  • virtual tours
  • animated slide shows
  • podcasts
  • e-mail marketing and digital media campaigns

* View a series of TrueView vignettes that showcase the learning opportunities at Syracuse University's College of Law: Click here.

* Learn how Northeastern University's corporate residency program provides a unique experience for their MBA students: Click here.

* See how Syracuse University's College of Law is engaging alumni by showing the significant activities that are happening on campus: Click here.

* Watch a fund raising video we developed for Wheaton College to demonstrate how important it is to give money to support scholarships:  Click here.

* Watch a recruiting video we produced for the U.S. Navy JAG that shows law students the excitement of being a JAG:  Click here.

* Students from Tuft's Gordon Institute explain through unscripted interviews why the Master of Science in Engineering Management gives an edge over an MBA: Click here.

* Listen to a Ken Burns style video on what it's like to be a student in Northeastern's High Tech MBA program: Click here.

Our TrueView Web videos are a powerful means to reach the online generation.  All of our videos can be hosted on your website, downloaded to iTunes or put up on YouTube. There's no better way to increase your applicant pool, convert inquiries to applicants and increase your yield.