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Articles by Peter Marx

"Information Law- the Hazards of Managing a 21st Century Information
Business with a 19th Century Legal System, Information Times (Click here to read.)

"Reaching the Online Generation"
NALP Bulletin

"Effective Podcasting for Law Firms"
Law Practice

"Corporate Development is key to focusing your firm", Boston Business Journal

"Plan Ahead for Trip on Information Highway"
Boston Business Journal

"Information Providers Welcome Bell Competition"
Network World

"Valuing An Information Company - a Legal Perspective" Electronic Information Report

"AT&T: Potential Roadhog?"
Boston Globe

"New Era for Information Industry"
Boston Globe

"Try a BOC Partner"
Communications Week

"Threat of Freed BOCs is Overrated"

"The Massachusetts Malaise: Cooperation is the Cure"
Information Week

"An Opportunity for Synergy"
Boston Business Journal

"Raising the Information Curtain"

"The Dangers of Downloading"

"A New Issue in Publishing"
Information Week

"Arbitration Overrules Litigation"
Information Week

"Arbitration: An Alternative to Litigation in the Info. Industry"
Information Times

"The Legal Risks of Using Information as a Competitive Weapon"
Software Law Journal

"The Emergence of Information Law"

"State Public Records: Database Goldmine or Landmine?" Information Times

"The Legal Risks of Using Information as a Competitive Weapon"
Information Management Review

"The Emergence of Information Law: Strategies for IS Managers"
SIM Spectrum

"Information Databases - The Legal Risks"
MIS Week

"Information Law and Copyright"
Bulletin for the American Society for Information Science

"A Stitch in Time... a Checklist Approach to Helping Information Companies
Minimize Product or Service Liability Exposure"
Information Times

"The Courts Have Not Yet Addressed the Concerns of the Information Industry"
Information Times

"The Age of Conglomerates Revisited?"
Information Times

"Product Liability Legislation: Out of Step with the Times"
Mass High Tech

"Mileage Guides Protected From Copying by Computer" Computer Law Strategist

"Legal Forum", Information Times

"Software Escrow Protects Your Valuable Assets"
Iron Mountain Courier

"Legal Risks: What MIS Executives Should Know"
Diebold Topical Analysis

"Beyond Pac-Man - Investing at Home with your Computer"
Boston Globe

"Home Computers, the Law - and You"
Boston Globe

"Charitable Organizations and the New Restricted Securities Requirements of
Rule 144"
The Tax Lawyer

"Registration Under the Securities Act of 1933: A Checklist for Eliminating
Problems with the Facing Page"
The Business Lawyer

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